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Stucco Replacement Contractors in Chandler, AZ

stucco application

Stucco, like all good products and home features, they must eventually be replaced after their lifespan ends. But stucco replacement is not a do-it-yourself task if you wish to maintain the value of your residential or commercial property. A professional replacement construction team should conduct the replacement. Chandler Stucco is an experienced and reliable contractors with years of expertise countless of clients have entrusted to replace their stucco work. We offer top rated service and customer attention. As a full service stucco contractor serving Chandler, Chandler Heights, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa and other Phoenix suburbs, we conduct everything from crack repair, patch repair, to home additions and EIF systems.


Although stucco has a long lifespan that could last anywhere from 60 to 80 years, there are some problems such as major leaks that could require entire replacement rather than patch repair work. Consider if your home has had several major leaks and their location. This could affect the integrity of your exterior insulation and stucco. Some poorly constructed stucco might even have created the conditions for an exterior leak. If your leaks were not created by plumbing faults, it could be that your exterior stucco is to blame. This is a major symptom of stucco replacement and our experts at Chandler Stucco can provide professional inspection and feedback.

Aging and Missing Caulking

As part of our professional and highly detail oriented inspection process, we will look for aging and missing caulking in your stucco. This is usually around areas like your windows and doors. These are typical areas where your stucco will have been vulnerable to leaks that cause stucco failure. Water is affected by gravity and will run off into the closest places possible to settle and once the sealants around your windows and doors are dried out or missing from delays in repairs, your stucco is at risk of decay inside the cavity left behind. Looking at these areas is an important part of our process for stucco replacement.

Cracked Stucco

There are various types of cracks we investigate in your stucco and some of them include; cracks that are stained black, long cracks, bulges, think cracks and pieces of your stucco that are missing. When you have stucco that has changed color or is cracking it is big flashing warning sign that your stucco needs replacement. And we highly recommend calling our team immediately for inspection as well as a free and detailed estimate. These are issues that are more than a crack repair or patch repair method can restore. To maintain the value of your property, stucco replacement is a far better option that continuing with stucco failure.


As a homeowner you must keep abreast of home maintenance and repairs to ensure your property value is not at risk. But as an amateur, there are some features that should be inspected by professionals. An amateur should not be conducting repairs on some features of your home as you could be risking validity of guarantees and insurance liability. Visual identification of stucco issues is not always possible for your stucco, but by the time you see rotting, dark stains and mildew smells or rotting wood, you have reached an emergency state for your stucco and replacement is most certainly needed.


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